ASH Grey Pavers Gallery

ASH is the new Tawney Grey paver range from Littlehampton Brick CO.

ASH is the first clay paver to be made in this grey colour and uses absolutely zero concrete or cement to achieve it.

A stunning range of GREY PAVERS containing ZERO CONCRETE plus all the benefits of a quality, long lasting natural clay product

Ash clay grey pavers example

Ash clay grey pavers with border
Ash Pavers with a Mahogany/Tuscan border

Ash is ready for immediate delivery and samples are also available on request

Ash bricks are manufactured in the same traditional size as our other pavers range which is: 115m wide X 230mm Long X 50mm Thick.

Ash is also available as a 70mm thickness on request (perfect for commercial projects)

If you’re looking for grey pavers, you’ve come to the right place!

Why not view our video about how bricks are made to see how much care goes into every single one!

Keep reading about ASH the first grey clay paver here

ASH - Tawney Grey PAVERS SAMPLE IMAGEASH grey pavers with border no logo