August E-Newsletter: Another big win for Australian Manufacturing

Another Big Win for Australian Manufacturing

Top Story – Disneyland Pavers Revealed!

A huge story from last year was that we had won out over 100’s of other companies from around the globe competing for a prestigious contract to supply pavers to the new Disneyland park and Resort in Shanghai, China. Full story here. The story got a huge amount of press coverage from Local and National news outlets including The Courier, Adelaide Advertiser, Channel 7 and many more.

Now, nearly one full year on, we have finally received the first images of the stunning custom-made pavers inside the park, ready for opening day! Take a look through our image gallery and have a peek!

We think they look amazing and it’s a testament to the efforts of all our staff for striving to pursue opportunities and excellence, day in and day out. A special thanks to Wayne Hunter, our sales manager who secured the contract.

This is not only a victory for Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers, but a victory for Australian Manufacturing and industry as a whole, proving that quality can always win. If you agree, forward this newsletter to help share the message!

Product of the month!

Mahogany Pavers 50mm and 70mm

Our product of the month for August 2016 is our Mahogany pavers, available in 50mm and 70mm. Mahogany is a stunning natural charcoal and brown mix of earthy, dark ,rich tones. Mahogany is one of our most popular colour choices which has been seen in many different and sometimes creative projects. Like this and this

Featured Mahogany Project:
The city of Victor harbor have a 10 Stage upgrade of their main shopping precinct and are using Littlehampton Mahogany in a 50mm and 70mm paver as part of it.

Stage 1 is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of August. 

The City of Victor Harbor Council together with local Architectural firm Wax Design selected Littlehampton Mahogany pavers for their unique color, quality and durability.

This is just one project from the many councils deciding to support local business and beautify their streets with our locally made, quality products.

Mahogany Pavers:

(Laid on-edge)

Welcome and Thanks

A big, friendly welcome to our new account customers!

TVR Homes, Hai Sam Constuctions, Noble Lanscapes.

This Month’s Thank-you to a long-time customer goes to:

Oakford Homes

Oakford Homes have been a long time Littlehampton Brick Co supporter for over 15 years. They are a great Australian company and the quality of their work speaks for itself.
From all the team at Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers, we say THANKS for your support!

Thanks once again for viewing our newsletter, if you think someone you know may benefit from this information, please forward and share 🙂