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December Newsletter – 9 Simple Summer Brick DIY projects

TOP STORY: 9 Simple summer DIY projects using bricks and pavers!

As the weather gets warmer and we all look forward to our holidays and time off, it’s a perfect time to do some of those DIY projects around your home.

There are many creative and fun DIY projects you can do using clay bricks and pavers. They range from very simple like herb spirals to more complex like building your own brick pizza oven.

We’ve pulled together a list of 9 simple brick and paver projects you can get started on today!

1. A stacked-brick fire pit – No mortar or cuts needed, just stacked bricks with an optional gravel base (TIP: you can also use clay seconds pavers for the base)

brick fire pit
Simple Brick Fire Pit


2. Herb Garden Markers – Clay pavers make the perfect material for labelling your garden herbs as they’re environmentally friendly and unaffected by weather!

Herb Garden Brick Markers
Herb Garden Paver Markers


3. Painted Paver Bookends – A very simple DIY project which can be as simple or creative as you like!

DIY Paver Bookends
DIY Paver Bookends


4. Herb Garden Spiral – Clay bricks or pavers are great for an easy-to-assemble herbspiral! Just stack in your desired pattern!

brick or paver herb spiral
brick or paver herb spiral

5. Stacked clay brick bench – Simply stacking clay bricks or pavers and adding a slab or 2 of wood can create a nice garden bench!

Stacked clay brick bench
Stacked clay brick bench


6. Stacked brick bird bath – Stacking bricks and pavers makes a perfect base for a birth bath in your garden!

stacked brick bird bath
stacked brick bird bath


7. Paver succulent and candle planters – This project may require some drilling if using pavers but they look great and will last forever!

Brick succulent planters
Brick succulent planters

8. Clay paver garden pathway – revitalise garden paths and unused space by laying clay pavers!

clay paver garden pathway
clay paver garden pathway


9. Clay brick outdoor DIY BBQ – This may require a little more effort than some of the other ideas, but it’s a simple design and looks great! There are also non-mortar, simpler variations.

Clay brick DIY BBQ
Clay brick DIY BBQ


Product of the month: Classic Old Red Sandstock

We would like to pay homage to a great staple item of our range; the classic clay old red sandstock brick. There are few bricks or pavers in history as iconic and timeless as the old red. Seen throughout the world this iconic style is one which has stood the test of time perhaps better than any other. From the England’s high-streets to Red Square in Russia (pictured below), old red looks fantastic.

old red brick building in red squre, moscow
Red Square, Moscow, Russia.


Here’s a few images of projects using our Old Red Sandstock Bricks (click to enlarge):


Welcome and Thanks:

We welcome new account customers:

Pentastar Paving, S & A Bell Pty Ltd, Precision Homes (Australia) Pty Ltd, Space Landscape ConstructionPty Ltd, P.C. Romeo

This newsletter’s thank you goes to: ALL OF YOU!

As this is likely going to be our last major newsletter before Christmas we would like to say a big, warm THANK YOU to all our amazing customers who have helped make 2016 another fantastic year.

We wish you and your families health and happiness over the Christmas Holiday season and look forward to seeing you again in 2017!

Christmas closing dates – Our team will be taking a break over Christmas from 2.00pm Friday the 23rd of December and re-opening Tuesday January 3rd, 2017.

LHB christmas trading hours


October News – Councils making towns beautiful with local products

Councils making towns beautiful using locally made products

Top Story: Victor Harbour main street

Remeber last month when we brought you a preview of the Victor Harbour main street project? Now the pavers are down and looking stunning (even in the rainy weather!) the City of Victor Harbour council are just one of the many local councils backing the quality and look of locally made products and we’re proud to be their paver of choice for this project. Here’s a few pictures of the new main street, laid with Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers Mahogany Range

The ‘striped’ effect you see in the photos below is a combination of specific batch selection and skilled bricklaying. Because all our products are made from natural clay, this allows for minor differences in colour between batches depending on the time of year and clay selection etc. Generally our batches are mixed so that an even amount of lighter and darker shades are spread within an order and when laid, are done so the same way; evenly distributing lights and darks for an overall blended, even colour.

Here the team has done the opposite by purposely choosing to separate the lighter and darker shades and then distributing them in blocks of the same shade when laying, creating this ‘striped’ effect. We love seeing our pavers used so creatively and it’s a really nice looking effect!

POTM: Siena Bricks

This month our featured product is none other than Siena Bricks. This popular blend is a style icon of its own. With a burnt terracotta finish, it’s place on the colour spectrum is somewhere in the ballpark of a ‘clinker’ but with more orange tones; best described as a burnt terracotta with earthy textures. This brick manages to bridge the gap between traditional and modern while remaining neutral and timeless. Just have a look at these projects recently completed using Siena bricks.

Welcome and thanks

Welcome to our new account customers: Arcotek design and construct, Technik homes, Mayfield Constructions

Thanks to a long-term supporter: Kim Mohor. Kim has been both a long time supporter and also a proud advocate of our quality locally produced products. He is a truly excellent craftsman and also a great bloke too! Here’s a brief video Kim was kind enough to let us film on-site with him over a year ago

August E-Newsletter: Another big win for Australian Manufacturing

Another Big Win for Australian Manufacturing

Top Story – Disneyland Pavers Revealed!

A huge story from last year was that we had won out over 100’s of other companies from around the globe competing for a prestigious contract to supply pavers to the new Disneyland park and Resort in Shanghai, China. Full story here. The story got a huge amount of press coverage from Local and National news outlets including The Courier, Adelaide Advertiser, Channel 7 and many more.

Now, nearly one full year on, we have finally received the first images of the stunning custom-made pavers inside the park, ready for opening day! Take a look through our image gallery and have a peek!

We think they look amazing and it’s a testament to the efforts of all our staff for striving to pursue opportunities and excellence, day in and day out. A special thanks to Wayne Hunter, our sales manager who secured the contract.

This is not only a victory for Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers, but a victory for Australian Manufacturing and industry as a whole, proving that quality can always win. If you agree, forward this newsletter to help share the message!

Product of the month!

Mahogany Pavers 50mm and 70mm

Our product of the month for August 2016 is our Mahogany pavers, available in 50mm and 70mm. Mahogany is a stunning natural charcoal and brown mix of earthy, dark ,rich tones. Mahogany is one of our most popular colour choices which has been seen in many different and sometimes creative projects. Like this and this

Featured Mahogany Project:
The city of Victor harbor have a 10 Stage upgrade of their main shopping precinct and are using Littlehampton Mahogany in a 50mm and 70mm paver as part of it.

Stage 1 is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of August. 

The City of Victor Harbor Council together with local Architectural firm Wax Design selected Littlehampton Mahogany pavers for their unique color, quality and durability.

This is just one project from the many councils deciding to support local business and beautify their streets with our locally made, quality products.

Mahogany Pavers:

(Laid on-edge)

Welcome and Thanks

A big, friendly welcome to our new account customers!

TVR Homes, Hai Sam Constuctions, Noble Lanscapes.

This Month’s Thank-you to a long-time customer goes to:

Oakford Homes

Oakford Homes have been a long time Littlehampton Brick Co supporter for over 15 years. They are a great Australian company and the quality of their work speaks for itself.
From all the team at Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers, we say THANKS for your support!

Thanks once again for viewing our newsletter, if you think someone you know may benefit from this information, please forward and share 🙂

July Newsletter: Top Story, Client Welcomes and our July POTM


What if every single brick and paver was inspected by a real person and sorted by hand?

That’s not just a catchy title, it’s what we have always done! We are the only manufacturer in South Australia who inspects and grades all of our products by hand ensuring our valued customers get the absolute highest quality, with the least wastage and no headaches or on-site issues.

Bricks and pavers being sorted by hand

Everyone here is excited about bricks and has a background in the industry. We are passionate about our products and being a part of the industry. Our team are known for problem solving and customer service that is second to none.

For Example:

Samples of each clients' job for records

We have many, many pallets which look like this, covered in what looks like an assortment of different coloured bricks and pavers. However there is a much richer story behind these pallets.

We keep samples of the products we send out complete with customers’ order numbers for over two years to streamline supply matching of job shortages or extensions. This means that you can call us 2 years after purchasing our product and we will be able to instantly find an exact matching colour for you without even having to look at your home or you needing to make the trip to our factory showroom.

We get it right and we genuinely work for the best solutions for our customers and more often exceed client final result expectations in part by inviting customers to the factory to choose the batch reserving it and delivering it to match their time lines.

Our staff are available and trusted to answer questions and provide solutions quickly about the products well after the invoice has been payed.

All our products are delivered on hardwood pallets on which every brick has been hand sorted insuring you get to use what you have paid for. Our ‘wastage %’ is the lowest in the industry. At the end of the job you call us and we collect the pallets for you which leaves your site free of pallets and minimal wasted product saving you money on dumping costs.

If you have any more questions, call us on 08 8391 1855 or email:


This month we would like to say a big welcome to our newest account customers who include:

Sebahi Homes, City & Country Construction Pty Ltd, Epic Building Group, Hume Bricks & Pavers, Mekong Housing Development Pty Ltd, Jenco Build & Design Pty Ltd, Format Homes and others. Thank you for joining us in our quest for excellence in building and Australian manufacturing.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our long term clients JAC HOMES who have been a great customer and long time supporter of ours for the last 8 years


VENICE: Coachhouse and Siena

What is Venice?

Venice bricks are inspired by the classic timeless designs of European thinner profile bricks. They are 50mm tall instead of the standard 62mm, 70mm or 76mm.

What colours are available?

Venice style bricks are available in Coachhouse and Siena colours

Benefits of Venice?

With the thinner profile of Venice bricks it’s very easy to create a high-end designer feel. You instantly see how unique -yet elegant- it looks and can add a special touch to your dream home.

sienna 50mm coachhouse on designer home

Siena 50mm coachhouse brick on modern home

May Newsletter – ‘Fred’ Retires, Memory Lane and POTM

Welcome to May’s E-Newsletter! In this issue we look at: Fred’s ‘retirement’, A visual trip down memory lane, The Product of the Month; ASH

‘Front-End Fred’ retires

(at least from Littlehampton Brick Co!)

As some of you may know, retirements are very rare here and Littlehampton Brick Co, with many of our employees having clocked up 20+ years! Remember Edga’s 30 years article a couple of months ago?
Our front-end loader (or as we like to call him ‘Front-end Fred’) is one such team member. We can’t remember the exact date Fred ‘started’ but we know it was a long, long time ago! He has served faithfully throughout the years and moved more clay, sand, grit, and other materials than even his manfacturers probably thought possible!

Alas, it’s finally time for Fred to move on.. No, he’s not retiring totally.. Fred is still well-maintained so we will likely be selling Fred in the coming months to go to work in a nice new home! Here’s a few photos we snapped of Fred on his last day;

freds last day

Fred 4 rd-1

As for Fred’s replacement?

A fresh new machine from CAT will be taking on the workload of Fred’s position. Here’s some images of him arriving at the yard fresh and clean (which is unlikely to last with all this clay around the place!)

new digger arrivesnew digger 2 rd-1

A trip down memory lane

Photos from the archives..

There’s over 100 years of history at littlehampton brick co.. And every image tells a different story. Every now and then it’s nice to review how far we’ve come. Enjoy these photos from our archives.

Product of the Month: ASH

Modern Grey from Natural Clay

If you missed our newsletter in 2015 when we officially introduced ASH you can view it here

Ash is the first grey range from Littlehampton Brick Co. More and more architects, designers and home owners are wanting to have modern grey tones, without having to use concrete products. Thats why Ash is proving to be so popular, it’s the modern look, made with 100% natural locally sourced clay –just like all our products!
To find out more about Ash or our other products just contact us here

We hope you enjoyed this Newsletter and don’t forget to join our mailing list if you would like to join over 3000 people and get these newsletter sent direct to your email inbox!


March Newsletter – 30 Club gets a new member + Richmond now open!

February Sale Recap..

Another year, another successful sale!

During February 100’s of bargain hunters managed to snap up our stunning bricks and pavers at never-to-be-repeated prices. Over 100 000 seconds pavers alone made it out the door!

As many of you know, we aren’t one of those businesses that’s ‘always having a sale’! Our sale is once a year and the savings are genuine!

For those of you who missed out, there are still some sale pavers available from just 53 cents each in a few colours! So if you want to grab yourself a last-minute bargain now is the time!

Call 08 8391 1855 during office hours or email for more details.

The 30 Club

Welcome ‘EDGA’!!

This group is reserved for our amazing team members who have been with Littlehampton Brick Co for 30 years or more! During March we had the honour of congratulating and welcoming our 3rd member to the club; Mr Chris ‘Edga’ Schmeiss!!

Edga with forklift

Edga has been a valued and fantastic member of the Littlehampton Brick Co family and we look forward to keeping him as long as he will let us! These days it’s uncommon to see so many long-term employees at a company (and we have a few more nearing the 20 and 30 club too!) we think it’s a lot to do with the culture here. We’re not just a South Australian business, but a family.

We had a little surprise for Chris too! Watch the video below!

Click the link to watch now!

Open for business!

Our new Adelaide showroom is open!

Littlehampton Clay Bricks and Pavers are proud to announce the opening of our new selection centre on the corner of South road and Richmond road.

littlehampton dispay at richmond

Our range of clay pavers are all displayed outside, (brick displays soon to be placed outside too!) By appointment you can view our range of bricks which are displayed inside and all are welcome to use our selection centre when required.

When the flags are out someone is on site but dont worry our reps are as close as the phone if needed.

Just call Wayne on 0458506019 or Joe on 0459550006 and they can organise a time to meet with you and/or your client.

How to Never Fear Time

classic watch

How to NEVER fear time

That title may seem slightly ominous for a news article from a Brick and Paver manufacturer! The reason for the title is largely due to a quote we recently stumbled across:

“Things of quality have no fear of time”

What does it mean? This quote in relation to products means that there is always a place in the market for things which are the highest quality, regardless of trends, fads and the latest ‘hot’ thing.

Take a moment to think about it. What ‘old’ things do you have which still hold value to you today (either monetary or personal)..?

When people go a long way above and beyond to make sure what they produce is the absolute best; when they cut no corners, spare no expense, innovate, experiment, try and try and try and never ever give up… That is when something brilliant emerges which can stand the test of time..

Here’s some examples:

classic car image

What’s the difference between a classic car and an old bomb? QUALITY.

What’s the difference between a beautiful piece of antique furniture and a cheap chair which breaks within a couple of months? QUALITY.

A wrist-watch handed down through 3 generations and a $3 knock-off you bought on holiday? QUALITY.

We’re proud to be South Australia’s leading brick maker for over 100 years and also 100% South Australian Family owned.

Builders and architects have long recognised the quality and reliability that Littlehampton represents. Combine that the extensive range of colours and textures that only kiln fired clay can provide and you’re really on a winner!

It comes with little surprise then, that more and more councils around South Australia are also calling upon us for long term solutions in lieu of cement and concrete based products which just simply don’t last as well. In particular our range of SmartPave Permeable paving for ecologically sensitive areas like around trees and carparks.

Trade Sales Representative Wayne Hunter says “With Councils becoming more environmentally responsible and proud about the way their townships look, Littlehampton clay pavers are the obvious choice”

“Our clay pavers have proven they stand the test of time due to our traditional manufacturing processes, such as high 1200c kiln firing which ensures the colour is burnt into the clays through the entire brick and will never fade.”

“And that’s not where the traditional methods end either! Every single brick and paver is hand-sorted, and inspected meaning that there can often be a 10-30% reduction in wastage on site. Products are checked for colour, size consistency, chips, cracks, fractures and finish before they even make it to the pallet.”

A quality control process which truly is SECOND TO NONE.

Littlehampton bricks old red pavers adelaide quality value 3

In recent years, Littlehampton have supplied pavers to Walkerville Council, City of Onkaparinga, Northern Areas, the Adelaide Hills Council, Port Adelaide and Enfield and the flinders Ranges to name but a few, with more and more placing orders every month! Let’s also not forget that DisneyLand Shanghai also chose Littlehampton Pavers for their new park!

Needless to say, here at Littlehampton Brick Co; we have no fear of time.

We’d love to hear from you!

If you have a story about our bricks or pavers send us through a picture with location and date purchased to We may even share it on our facebook page!

Meet Beddie!

‘Beddie’ -The newest member of the Littlehampton Brick Co family-  is a stunning 1950’s Bedford Truck which has been lovingly restored to be used as part of our brand new showroom and display on the corner of Richmond and South Road, Adelaide. (beddie pictured below)

beddie in front of littlehampton bricks and pavers

Did you know that many years ago Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers actually used a truck just like Beddie? It’s true! From the stunning red paint right down to the cream coloured wheel covers! Check out the old painting below of the brickworks and you just might spot the old Beddie!

Painting of littlehampton bricks and pavers Adelaide Hills

We think Beddie is the perfect representation of our classic quality products which never go out of fashion. The only thing missing from Beddie was our logo! We decided that to honour Beddie’s 1950’s heritage that we should design a 1950’s style Littlehampton Brick Co logo to compliment the look and feel. Here’s a few designs our creative team came up with..


And the winner:

littlehamoton brick 1950s logo

beddie logo on truck

We love Beddie and and invite you to come say hi whenever you like!

More news on the New City Showroom coming soon!

1950s bedford truck used by Adelaide Brick manufacturer

Introducing: ASH PAVERS – A sleek new ‘Thorny Grey’ colour made in quality clay

introducing ash

There’s a new kid in town, and his name is ASH!

Ash Pavers logo

Ash is a brand new super sleek, delightfully modern and stunning colour range now available from us at Littlehampton Brick Co.

After many years of tests, trials and prototypes.. what has finally emerged is the perfect modern thorney grey clay paver.

Ash, like all our products, is made from the highest quality locally sourced natural clay (with absolutely no cement or concrete what-so-ever). Ash also has the following LIFETIME GUARANTEES:

  • The colour will never, ever fade… EVER!

  • Slip resistant

  • Easy, low maintenance

  • Rock hard to stand the test of time

  • No nasty substances like concrete

  • Naturally more resistant to silt and salt

  • Garden and natural environment friendly

Ash pavers littlehampton brick co info graphic


Grab your popcorn, buckle in and hold on to your seat… Because Now it’s about time for the BIG REVEAL…

Ash pavers with border
Ash Pavers with a Mahogany/Tuscan border (AMAZING, YES?!)

Let’s see that again… Close up!

Ash pavers example
Some things look even better up close! Here you can see the beautiful range of subtle colours and tones.

Ash didn’t happen overnight. Our chief scientist genius Campbell has been working on creating a paver range in this colour for some time..  Because of the specific colour range we needed to make sure that the final product would not only look fantastic but also meet the Littlehampton Brick Co standards. The trick was coming up with the Secret Formula which combines both the exact right colour and the rock hard forever-lasting durability we’re famous for. It took many, many tests and prototypes before the exact right combination of ingredients, firing time, firing temperature and manufacturing process was found..

ash pavers ingredients

So now you know… it IS possible to have a stunning grey paver made from natural quality clay right here in South Australia.

We’d love to hear your feedback and design plans so please email us at: or call on 08 8391 1855.

Free samples are available for immediate delivery

Would you like to save some images of the Ash pavers to show to your family members, builder or architect? Simply click the image, then: right click>save as> choose somewhere to save on your computer. Alternatively we will be happy to email you high resolution JPG images.

ash by lhb business card

Why main streets are a big part of our future – Mainstreets SA 2015

Main Streets!

What do they mean to you? Are they exciting? Do they provoke long well thought out conversations with colleagues and friends? Are you personally passionate about the subject?

Or, like most people, do you just kind of not really think about them at all..?!

We might not think about Main Streets much because they have become such a common and staple part of our society, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Almost every single town and city on the planet will have a main street of some kind or at least their equivalent -for example the UK often refers to them as High Streets. Mains streets have a vibrant, interesting, diverse and sometimes famous history stretching back hundreds -if not thousands- of years.

For example take Main Street USA one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland!

main street usa disneyland

Disneyland’s iconic Main Street USA has been around since 1955 and this year boasts it’s 60th anniversary!

Now on a more local front, our main streets have a great amount of effort and planning behind them too. This is thanks in large part to associations like Mainstreet SA ( MainstreetSA works to help councils and town recognise the vision that our state’s main streets are vibrant living spaces giving us a sense of meaning and remind us of our past to inspire the future. They are communities in and of themselves.

Every year MainstreetSA holds a state conference which brings together decision makers and influencers from all across Australia, the attendees are made up of:

  • Council Employees from across SA
  • Architects and Landscape architects from SA and interstate
  • Business owners
  • Special guests including keynote speakers who have a wealth of experience both in Australia and internationally

For the last 2 years, Littlehampton Brick Co has been a proud major sponsor and partner of the event.

This year Wayne Hunter our Sales Manager attended the conference to launch and help promote the new Smartpave permeable paving system from Littlehampton Brick

The SmartPave Paving system allows for a water management system to be integrated into the paving system itself. As we move towards a more eco-friendly society there is more and demand for such efforts to help manage our environment responsibly. Councils in particular are looking for ways to move further towards such initiatives and as such, SmartPave has been a great success gaining much interest.

For more information on SmartPave visit: or call on 08 8391 1855