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Clay Brick Advantages

The clay brick is one of the oldest and most enduring building  materials in the world.

They continue to offer a durable and classically timeless appeal to either traditional or contemporary architecture.

Practical benefits of choosing clay bricks as your main building material.

  • Bricks are widely available
  • Bricks are a comparatively forgiving medium for fairly unskilled labour to work with.
  • Rain will not necessarily halt the building process if you are building with clay bricks. It rarely becomes too wet to work with bricks as using a dryer mortar is sufficient to guarantee adhesion.
  • Clay bricks are very versatile. They can be used as a structural element on their own or in conjunction with reinforced concrete, as a thermal or acoustic insulator, as an aesthetically pleasing cladding or as highly practical filler between concrete and steel.
  • Clay bricks are durable. For centuries, structures built from clay brick have stood the test of time.
  • A home built from clay brick will be long lasting and durable.

With the popularity of using organic materials in the architecture  and interior design, clay brick is experiencing a resurging popularity.

Currently, exposed brickwork is a major trend in modern interiors. In the move towards loft apartments and business units, it is often the material of choice – for its industrial-type feel, as well as its durability and its great insulating qualities.

A home that is warm in winter and cool in summer – clay bricks are well noted for their remarkable thermal insulation properties.

Clay bricks have the ability to store heat energy, allowing them to amass energy during the day and release it at night – thereby evening out extreme temperature fluctuations.

The density of clay bricks also allows them to offer effective acoustic insulation.

Walls built from clay bricks receive a maximum fire rating, meaning that clay bricks will resist a fully developed fire for a generous length of time when compared to other building materials.

This is not only a safety benefit, but a financial one too, as homeowners of clay brick homes will undoubtedly save on home insurance premiums.

Clay bricks are a cost-effective building material and are comparatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

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