Pavers Range

Clay pavers rangePavers Range – Pavers from Littlehampton have been an Adelaide favourite for over 100 years.

Our pavers range can be seen in many of Adelaide’s public places and in homes throughout South Australia.

Builders and renovators recognise the quality and reliability of Littlehampton’s clay pavers range. They also appreciate the extensive variety of colours and textures that only kiln fired clay can provide.

The rich earthy tones add character of our extensive pavers range add distinction to any paving project.

Pavers can be mixed to form interesting design statements.

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All pavers in our pavers range are suitable for pathways, patios and domestic driveways.

Following advice from leading architects and building designers, we continue to constantly innovate our pavers range and take pride in our tradition and commitment to quality.

Advantages of Clay Pavers


For driveways and other heavy load areas, nothing beats clay brick pavers for strength and durability.
Similarly, for pathways, patios and other foot traffic areas, clay pavers are ideal.


Clay pavers are uniform in appearance and maintain their colour even after long-term exposure to the sun’s UV radiation.
Single pavers can be easily be replaced if broken and it won’t “stand out like a sore thumb”.  Within a short time will blend in perfectly with surrounding pavers.
You will never be faced with the cost of replacing all of your paving just because of damage to a single paver.

Slip Resistance

Even on  a steep, wet driveway or pathway, clay pavers will provide the traction you need to drive or walk in complete confidence.

Easy Maintenance

Clay pavers are hard-wearing and easy to maintain.
Usually, all it takes is a mild detergent and a little scrubbing to clean even heavily soiled clay pavers. In most cases they can just be hosed down or swept clean.

Environmentally Friendly

Clay pavers are a kiln-dried product made from a readily available, naturally occurring substance. No environmentally damaging chemicals are used in their production.

As well as these practical reasons for buying clay pavers, there are aesthetic reasons for choosing clay.
Their natural look enhances the appearance of any home or landscape and the colour palette you have to work from give you enormous room for creativity and individual flare.

Clay pavers are the time-tested, timeless choice. They never go out of style and you will never tire of their warm, natural beauty.

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