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December Newsletter – 9 Simple Summer Brick DIY projects

TOP STORY: 9 Simple summer DIY projects using bricks and pavers!

As the weather gets warmer and we all look forward to our holidays and time off, it’s a perfect time to do some of those DIY projects around your home.

There are many creative and fun DIY projects you can do using clay bricks and pavers. They range from very simple like herb spirals to more complex like building your own brick pizza oven.

We’ve pulled together a list of 9 simple brick and paver projects you can get started on today!

1. A stacked-brick fire pit – No mortar or cuts needed, just stacked bricks with an optional gravel base (TIP: you can also use clay seconds pavers for the base)

brick fire pit
Simple Brick Fire Pit


2. Herb Garden Markers – Clay pavers make the perfect material for labelling your garden herbs as they’re environmentally friendly and unaffected by weather!

Herb Garden Brick Markers
Herb Garden Paver Markers


3. Painted Paver Bookends – A very simple DIY project which can be as simple or creative as you like!

DIY Paver Bookends
DIY Paver Bookends


4. Herb Garden Spiral – Clay bricks or pavers are great for an easy-to-assemble herbspiral! Just stack in your desired pattern!

brick or paver herb spiral
brick or paver herb spiral

5. Stacked clay brick bench – Simply stacking clay bricks or pavers and adding a slab or 2 of wood can create a nice garden bench!


6. Stacked brick bird bath – Stacking bricks and pavers makes a perfect base for a birth bath in your garden!

stacked brick bird bath
stacked brick bird bath


7. Paver succulent and candle planters – This project may require some drilling if using pavers but they look great and will last forever!

Brick succulent planters
Brick succulent planters

8. Clay paver garden pathway – revitalise garden paths and unused space by laying clay pavers!

clay paver garden pathway
clay paver garden pathway


9. Clay brick outdoor DIY BBQ – This may require a little more effort than some of the other ideas, but it’s a simple design and looks great! There are also non-mortar, simpler variations.

Clay brick DIY BBQ
Clay brick DIY BBQ


Product of the month: Classic Old Red Sandstock

We would like to pay homage to a great staple item of our range; the classic clay old red sandstock brick. There are few bricks or pavers in history as iconic and timeless as the old red. Seen throughout the world this iconic style is one which has stood the test of time perhaps better than any other. From the England’s high-streets to Red Square in Russia (pictured below), old red looks fantastic.

old red brick building in red squre, moscow
Red Square, Moscow, Russia.


Here’s a few images of projects using our Old Red Sandstock Bricks (click to enlarge):


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