Introducing: ASH PAVERS – A sleek new ‘Thorny Grey’ colour made in quality clay

introducing ash

There’s a new kid in town, and his name is ASH!

Ash Pavers logo

Ash is a brand new super sleek, delightfully modern and stunning colour range now available from us at Littlehampton Brick Co.

After many years of tests, trials and prototypes.. what has finally emerged is the perfect modern thorney grey clay paver.

Ash, like all our products, is made from the highest quality locally sourced natural clay (with absolutely no cement or concrete what-so-ever). Ash also has the following LIFETIME GUARANTEES:

  • The colour will never, ever fade… EVER!

  • Slip resistant

  • Easy, low maintenance

  • Rock hard to stand the test of time

  • No nasty substances like concrete

  • Naturally more resistant to silt and salt

  • Garden and natural environment friendly

Ash pavers littlehampton brick co info graphic


Grab your popcorn, buckle in and hold on to your seat… Because Now it’s about time for the BIG REVEAL…

Ash pavers with border
Ash Pavers with a Mahogany/Tuscan border (AMAZING, YES?!)

Let’s see that again… Close up!

Ash pavers example
Some things look even better up close! Here you can see the beautiful range of subtle colours and tones.

Ash didn’t happen overnight. Our chief scientist genius Campbell has been working on creating a paver range in this colour for some time..  Because of the specific colour range we needed to make sure that the final product would not only look fantastic but also meet the Littlehampton Brick Co standards. The trick was coming up with the Secret Formula which combines both the exact right colour and the rock hard forever-lasting durability we’re famous for. It took many, many tests and prototypes before the exact right combination of ingredients, firing time, firing temperature and manufacturing process was found..

ash pavers ingredients

So now you know… it IS possible to have a stunning grey paver made from natural quality clay right here in South Australia.

We’d love to hear your feedback and design plans so please email us at: or call on 08 8391 1855.

Free samples are available for immediate delivery

Would you like to save some images of the Ash pavers to show to your family members, builder or architect? Simply click the image, then: right click>save as> choose somewhere to save on your computer. Alternatively we will be happy to email you high resolution JPG images.

ash by lhb business card