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About Us – The Littlehampton Brick Company was originally a manufacturer of fire bricks. Fire bricks were an indispensable commodity in the early days of Adelaide.

We are proud of our history.  Our operations have expanded over the years to transform local seams of exceptional clay into high quality house bricks and pavers.

bricks in kiln
Bricks are fired in the kiln at over 1100 Celsius

Today, Littlehampton Bricks use the same skills and traditional techniques to produce a range of hand crafted clay bricks and clay pavers. Our bricks and pavers will ensure your new home or renovation becomes a classic of tomorrow.

At Littlehampton Bricks our friendly staff welcome you to select the individual pallets. When delivered to your home these will provide the enjoyment that one gets from something personally chosen – not just for now but for generations – in the timeless character and living colour of clay.

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Littlehampton Clay Bricks and Pavers has been manufacturing quality clay bricks and pavers on the same original site since 1892.

In the beginning, before the company was formed, exploration teams were sent from Adelaide to Littlehampton.

There they discovered that there were exceptional clay seams and shales, ideally suited for the manufacturing of refractory fire bricks and top quality house bricks.

historyA workman’s hut was erected on the actual site where the company now stands, and hand-moulded bricks were first made to be tested for use in industry application.

The bricks proved to be of superior quality, and the Littlehampton Brick Company was formed.

In the beginning, the company primarily produced firebricks for the smelter works and foundries at Port Adelaide, and by the early 1900s the refractory bricks were used in all the new “T” class locomotives for the Royal South Australian Railways.

historyThroughout our history, the company has withstood the Great Depression, two world wars and has seen many other changes, especially in the manufacturing procedures.

The first original kilns, two of which still stand today, were wood fired for two full weeks, allowing 15,000 bricks to be made a fortnight.

Today the modern kiln can fire 90,000 bricks in just two days burning time, allowing more than 6 million bricks and pavers to be produced per year for the local and overseas markets.

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