October News – Councils making towns beautiful with local products

Councils making towns beautiful using locally made products

Top Story: Victor Harbour main street

Remeber last month when we brought you a preview of the Victor Harbour main street project? Now the pavers are down and looking stunning (even in the rainy weather!) the City of Victor Harbour council are just one of the many local councils backing the quality and look of locally made products and we’re proud to be their paver of choice for this project. Here’s a few pictures of the new main street, laid with Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers Mahogany Range

The ‘striped’ effect you see in the photos below is a combination of specific batch selection and skilled bricklaying. Because all our products are made from natural clay, this allows for minor differences in colour between batches depending on the time of year and clay selection etc. Generally our batches are mixed so that an even amount of lighter and darker shades are spread within an order and when laid, are done so the same way; evenly distributing lights and darks for an overall blended, even colour.

Here the team has done the opposite by purposely choosing to separate the lighter and darker shades and then distributing them in blocks of the same shade when laying, creating this ‘striped’ effect. We love seeing our pavers used so creatively and it’s a really nice looking effect!

POTM: Siena Bricks

This month our featured product is none other than Siena Bricks. This popular blend is a style icon of its own. With a burnt terracotta finish, it’s place on the colour spectrum is somewhere in the ballpark of a ‘clinker’ but with more orange tones; best described as a burnt terracotta with earthy textures. This brick manages to bridge the gap between traditional and modern while remaining neutral and timeless. Just have a look at these projects recently completed using Siena bricks.

Welcome and thanks

Welcome to our new account customers: Arcotek design and construct, Technik homes, Mayfield Constructions

Thanks to a long-term supporter: Kim Mohor. Kim has been both a long time supporter and also a proud advocate of our quality locally produced products. He is a truly excellent craftsman and also a great bloke too! Here’s a brief video Kim was kind enough to let us film on-site with him over a year ago