Why Choose Clay Bricks?

Why Choose Clay Bricks?

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Timeless Investment

Clay Bricks look great from the first moment they are laid and forever after. You can see clay brick buildings which are 50, 100 or even 150+ years old and they still look fantastic. Bricks are also a preferable material for buyers, not just for their look, but because everyone knows bricks stand the test of time and will always be desirable.


Eco Friendly

When compared with other building materials clay bricks made from natural clay are far superior for both the environment and also for energy efficiency. Clay bricks insulate very well, far better than most alternatives, especially when used in a great design. Clay bricks have an incredibly long shelf life of well over 100 years and are also often recycled from demolished projects, thus adding even more to their sustainability and eco-friendly properties.


Wide range of stunning colours

We have a great, wide range of clay brick colours and sizes to choose from. Whether you prefer the classic old red sandstock colours to give a timeless ‘English high street’ look or more modern darker bricks like our ASH or ever-popular COACHHOUSE range, you will be sure to find the perfect choice for your project.


Low Maintenance

Once clay bricks are laid, they basically take care of themselves! They look as good the day they get put down until many, many years into the future! Other building products like render or paint will need to be replaced over the years multiple times but clay bricks never fade and always look timelessly outstanding.


Built to last

Clay bricks are strong, safe and permanent. They last as long as you decide you want them to! They aren’t affected by time, or weather, nor do they lose their shape or colour over time. Just take a look at some of the railway bridges and buildings in places like the UK which have stood perfectly for 100’s of years in very adverse weather conditions. They are also fire resistant and seriously difficult to break through for any would-be intruders.


Peace and quiet

Clay bricks are a dense, heavy and robust product. This means they have great noise reduction qualities as well as providing great insulation. If you like a quiet, peaceful home then using clay brick is a great way to guarantee a good nights sleep and minimise any disturbance from those dreaded ‘noisy neighbours’! For extra noise reduction and structural integrity of the home, clay bricks are often used for internal walls which mitigates the transfer of noise within the home and insulates even further.



Cheap things aren’t good and good things are rarely cheap. Clay bricks aren’t always the ‘cheapest’ option for your home immediately, but over time they far out-weigh other building materials for value and looks. You spend a very large portion of your life inside your home, so why not make it a place you love to live by building with quality products like clay brick.

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