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Sincero (Sincere) By Design

Sincero from Littlehampton Clay Bricks are a unique range of Handcrafted Traditional Bricks that provide Sincere Handcrafted Design used by today’s leading architects and designers.

Design Advantages of Clay Bricks

  • Clay bricks look beautiful and are widely available and a comparatively forgiving medium for fairly unskilled labour to work with.
  • Rain will not necessarily halt the building process if you are building with clay bricks, as it rarely becomes too wet to work with. Using a dryer mortar is frequently sufficient to guarantee acceptable adhesion.
  • Versatility of design is another benefit of clay bricks. They can be used as a structural element on their own or in conjunction with reinforced concrete, as a thermal or acoustic insulator, as an aesthetically pleasing cladding or as highly practical filler between concrete and steel.
  • Durability is another asset – for centuries, structures of clay brick design from clay brick have stood the test of time.
  • A home designed in clay brick is sure to be one that is long lasting and durable. Clay bricks are widely available – making them easily accessible wherever you decide to design your home.

With the popularity of using organic materials in the architecture and interior design, clay brick is experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Currently, exposed brickwork is a major trend in modern interior design. In the move towards loft apartments and business units, it is often the material of choice – for its industrial-type feel, as well as its durability and its great insulating qualities.

Don’t forget to combine your Stunning Clay bricks with Adelaide’s favourite range of Clay Pavers!

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