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QARC Littlehampton Browser Blush 1

We have created Autodesk Revit files for Designers, Architects and Structural Engineers to use in their BIM models.

QARC ensured the files have all the necessary information you require to document house stumps and stair stringers.

Our BIM files are renderable and can be dragged and dropped from the unique QARC4Revit browser.


To download the QARC4Revit plug-in click on the logo below.


QARC logo



1) Click on the QFRInstaller.msi that arrives in your Downloads folder.

2) Click on “Run anyway” to install the free, safe and secure QARC4Revit plug-in.

3) Once loaded, open Revit, (the QARC4Revit plug-in opens in parallel.)

4) Simply choose and drag + drop directly into your project (this includes system families).

Important: During the installation, you’ll be prompted to create an account, and that is used as your login into QARC4Revit.

A verification email is sent, and when you run Revit you only fill in the login details the first time.


The files are fully renderable without any need to install textures, as the materials are delivered with the drag + drop.

They are BIM complete with all you require to document.



See demo video below:

For more information on how to use the REVIT Drag and Drop plug-in, please contact: