Kiln Firing On Recycled Waste Oil Littlehampton Brick

How bricks can help achieve the new NCC minimum energy rating

There’s no feeling quite like entering your home after a walk in the sweltering summer heat, only to discover that the inside feels suspiciously like the outside. Thermal insulation is key to maintaining comfortable temperatures, yet Australian homes are renowned for their poor insulation, and the tendency for homeowners to keep their HVAC systems running…

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random bond bricks

The Benefits of Long Brick Random Bond Patterns for Design and Sustainability

As long-format bricks gain increasing popularity amongst architects, builders, and homeowners, it becomes important to explore the numerous ways they impact our built environment. In some of our past blog posts, we’ve discussed the environmental advantages of traditional brick manufacturing and natural clay as a versatile and durable material suited to a wide range of…

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Checking Bricks For Quality

How Boutique Bricks Can Elevate Your Project

  A well-designed building can not only turn heads and attract positive attention but increase the property’s value and serve as a testament to the calibre of the business or organisation it represents. In today’s competitive real estate landscape, ensuring that a project makes an impact is more important than ever. A building’s aesthetic impact…

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clay in hands

Top 10 reasons clay bricks are a sustainable building material

Clay is a natural material abundant in nature. From pottery to bricks, cultures across the globe have used clay to craft durable ceramics that can outlast generations of habitual use. Clay Bricks are renowned for their structural strength, unique, earthy textures and are increasingly recognised as a renewable material of choice for ecologically conscious architects…

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littlehampton brick factory solar panels

Carbon Offset: How it Works and What It Means for the Brick Industry

‘Carbon offsetting’ is a popular buzzword circulating within eco-conscious circles. However, few people know precisely what carbon offsetting is, or its impact on construction industries. In this blog post, we’ll explain how carbon offsetting functions within an Australian context and its implications for brick manufacturers. If you’re curious about why you might want to support…

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