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Littlehampton Clay Bricks and Pavers have been the leading supplier of quality clay bricks and pavers to Australians for over a century!

Our factory is located on the edge of the  township of Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills

We have been hand-crafting our heritage clay bricks and pavers  for over 100 years.  Today, our bricks are still fired in our traditional kilns to create unique character and quality.

Builders and renovators select our clay bricks and pavers for delightful character as well as unbeatable  quality and reliability.  We offer a huge range of colours and textures that can only be achieved by using kiln-fired clay.

We have been listening to leading architects and building designers. Following their advice, we continue to innovate our range of products.  We take enormous pride in our commitment to quality.

You can see Littlehampton Clay Bricks and Pavers products all around Australia. You will find them  in brick houses, brick walls, paved driveways and paved paths.

Our wide range of clay bricks and pavers means you will find just the right colour and style for your brick or paving project.

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We originally manufactured fire bricks – and we still do, along with other products.  Fire bricks were a vital item in the early days of Adelaide when people relied on wood heating and cooking. Today they are essential for outdoor pizza ovens and most fireplaces.

We are very proud of our history.  Our operations have expanded over the years, transforming local seams of exceptional clay into high quality house bricks and pavers.

Today, we use the same skills and traditional techniques to  ensure your new home or renovation becomes a classic of tomorrow.

Our friendly staff welcome you to select the individual pallets.  You will enjoy the pleasure of knowing your bricks were personally chosen.

You selection will give joy, not just now but for generations to come. The timeless character and living colour of clay will create a unique home.


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