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Inspired Design with You in Mind – Littlehampton Crafted Bricks create a Visual Design Statement to residential and commercial structures.

Littlehampton Clay Bricks are rich in colour and full of beautiful natural character, Whether you are  building a new home, renovating an existing structure, our palette of warm earthy colours and Textures will blend in naturally, or show off your style to perfection. The Unique textures and Quality of Littlehampton Hand-Crafted Range make Littlehampton a Natural Choice for Discerning Architects and Designers.

Sincero Design Series

Blush Brick Reclaimed

Blush Brick

Elegant and Distinct Rustic Textures – Inspired by Industrial Chic

RRP $2,244 per 1000

Light Earth - 76mm Brick 1

Light Earth Brick

Alluring and Soft with Natural Textures -Inspired by Industrial Chic



Impresso Brick

Brooding with an industrial texture and bespoke finish

RRP $2,057 per 1000

Midnight - 76mm Brick 1

Midnight Brick

A bold, striking, Volcanic black Brick. Textured, sophisticated

RRP $2,486 per 1000

New Ash Grey Brick

New Ash Brick

An artisan textured light grey blended brick

RRP $2,244 per 1000

Maclaren - 76mm Brick 1

Maclaren Brick

Unique premium Recycled design brick with rounded edges

RRP $2,244 per 1000

Coachhouse - 76mm Brick 1

Coachhouse Brick

A rich, dark blended brick with natural textures

RRP $2,244 per 1000

Siena - 76mm Brick 1

Siena Brick

A burnt terracotta and auburn blend with Earthy textures

RRP $2,057 per 1000

Light Cabernet - 76mm Brick 1 | [Swipe to see more]

Light Cabernet Brick

Red Re-Invented! Rich in colour and texture, yet delicate


Tuscany - 76mm Brick 1

Tuscany Brick

Artisan, light creamy-textured brick with a subtle white finish

RRP $2,057 per 1000

Midnight Venice - 50mm Brick

Midnight ‘Venice’ 50mm

Bold, striking, volcanic black brick in slim 50mm profile

RRP $2,490per 1000

Coachhouse Venice - 50mm Brick 1

Coachhouse ‘Venice’ 50mm

A rich, dark blended textured brick in a slimmer 50mm profile

RRP $2,240 per 1000

Siena 'Venice' - 50mm Brick 1

Siena ‘Venice’ Brick 50mm

A burnt terracotta blend with Earthy texture in 50mm profile

RRP $2,060 per 1000

Long Bricks – Milan Series

Milan series coming soon rs

Long Bricks Australia

100% made in Australia.
320mm x 50mm, in a range that goes from light to dark colours, including the grey in between.


Glazed Bricks

Aquarius - Glazed Brick Blend 1

Aquarius Glazed Brick

A signature blend of Blues and Greens

RRP $6,920 per 1000

Maris - Purple Glazed brick 1

Maris Glazed Brick

Dark Purple-Black Textured Glazed Brick

RRP $6,920 per 1000

Percy - Green Glazed Brick 1

Percy Glazed Brick

Green Textured Glazed Brick

RRP $6,920 per 1000

Laguna - Deep Blue Glazed Brick 1

Laguna Glazed Brick

Deep Blue Textured Glazed Brick

RRP $6,920 per 1000

Caspian - Light Blue Glazed Brick 1

Caspian Glazed Brick

Light Blue Textured Glazed Brick

RRP $6,920 per 1000

Lava - Red Glazed Brick 1

Lava Glazed Brick

Red Textured Glazed Brick

RRP $6,920 per 1000

Old Red Bricks

Old Red Sandstock Brick

Old Red Sandstock Brick

Rich red Sandstock texture, heritage brick (62mm, 70mm, or 76mm)

RRP $2,266 per 1000

Adelaide Red Brick

Adelaide Red Brick

This is a smooth, rich red classic brick (76mm)

RRP $2,134 per 1000

Hampton Blocks

Regular brick

76mm Brick Size

Venice brick

50mm Brick Size

Block brick

162mm Brick Size

Special Profile Shapes