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Bricks specifications

Bricks per square metre – 76mm 50
Bricks per square metre – 70mm 55
Bricks per square metre – 62mm 62
Brick Weight approx 3.1kg
Brick Dimensions 230mm x 110mm
Bricks per pallet 500
Pallet weight approx 1.5-1.7 ton

Mortar joints


Make the true beauty of your clay bricks come to life with the right colour mortar and joint that suits your vision.

Pavers specifications

Technical Information  – Testing to determine the breaking load and slip resistance of two samples of Brick Pavers, Old Red 50mm and Mahogany 50mm.

Characteristic breaking load of segmental pavers was carried out in accordance with AS4456.5:2003. The specimens were air dried at 20±2˚C for a minimum of 48 hours prior to testing. Testing was carried out with the wearing face in tension

Colour Variation

All natural clay Bricks and Pavers are sold as a blend. Our unique artisanal processes guarantee colour variation and depth.

We recommend when laying clay bricks or pavers to work from three pallets at any one time. Blend bricks and pavers evenly to provide a mixture of colour.

Bricks are made from light burning clays. A characteristic of all light burning clays is that they contain small quantities of natural salts, called vanadium salts. These water soluble salts can leach to the surface of bricks and crystallise as moisture dries from the brickwork.

Click here for more detailed care and cleaning information for bricks and pavers

The following specifications and technical manuals are available for you to download.

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