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Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers has been making a range of fire bricks for many years.

These bricks are used in:

  • fireplaces
  • ovens and
  • combustion heaters
  • wherever high temperatures are experienced

Whether you’re building a wood oven for an outside entertaining area or renovating a fire place, we have three different gauges of fire bricks to suit your needs – 76mm, 50mm and 38mm.

We also supply Fire Clay Additive for mixing with the mortar, available in 20kg, 10kg and 5kg bags.

Fireclay Mix

  • 4 parts foundry sand
  • 1 part lime
  • 1 part fireclay

Here at Littlehampton Bricks, we’ve been selling fire bricks, pavers and fire clay for decades and our products have been used in hundreds of pizza ovens across the state.

You too can build your very own wood fired pizza oven, just as two of our customers recently did!

Some examples of our Pavers in Projects around Adelaide: