Long Bricks

Introducing the Littlehampton Long Brick

Littlehampton Long bricks represent a new and exciting chapter in our brickmaking legacy. Blending traditional techniques with advanced technology, each brick is a testament to exceptional Australian craftsmanship, featuring extended dimensions of 320 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm. The emphasis on linear, horizontal lines lends to contemporary architectural projects, visually striking, and highly functional designs.

Available in seven carefully curated shades, Littlehampton long bricks are ideal for sophisticated projects and empower architects to achieve complex geometric elements that pose a challenge to standard brick dimensions.

07 Blizzard blend LQ

New Ash

05 Seashell Cream LQ


naked grey bricks img


Shadow Grey


06 Storm brown LQ


Why Long Bricks by

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Premium Australian-made bricks

Our long bricks were purposefully crafted to offer architects an innovative, world-class product made right here in Australia

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Distinctive aesthetic appeal

The Milan series is characterised by its 320 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm dimensions and its slender and elongated profile. This unique shape provides distinctive elegance seldom found in other bricks.

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Optimal head course alignment

The Milan series guarantees seamless head courses when combined with three bricks laid across, factoring in a standard 10 mm mortar joint between each brick (3:1). This feature found nowhere else in the market locally or globally, helps projects establish visual harmony and consistency.

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Modular Compatibility

Because we want the long brick to be accessible for use in a wide variety of projects, the dimensions match standard construction measurements. This enables a modular approach to building and more efficient construction processes.

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Increased structural integrity

When laid in the popular running bond pattern, the long brick’s length allows for a more pronounced overlap, resulting in a stronger and more stable structure that minimises the risk of cracks or other stability issues than regular bricks.

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Versatile application

Despite its unique shape and appeal to sophisticated architectural designs, the long brick is suitable for many applications, including commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

Flexible Design for Versatile Bond Patterns

Creating bold bond patterns that infuse your projects with a distinct character has never been easier. The unique shape and profile of the long brick give architects the ability to create stunning and structurally durable designs.

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Stack Bond

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Running Bond

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Flemish Bond

random bond bricks

Random Bond

Push the boundaries of architectural innovation with Littlehampton Long Bricks.

Experience a World of New
Design Possibilities

With its distinctive dimensions and inimitable blend of rustic charm and modern appeal,Littlehampton Long Bricks give architects, designers, and builders the freedom to explore countless new possibilities. The signature stylistic flair and versatile capabilities put the power in your hands so that you can start creating timeless spaces that withstand the passage of time.

Textured facades

Capture richness of depth in your project’s facade by creating long brick arrangements that play with shadow and light, establishing engaging exteriors that capture the attention of onlookers.

Vertical accents 

The long brick doesn’t just emphasise horizontal lines. With proper installation, these Roman-style bricks can accentuate the vertical flow of a building, drawing the eye upward. This effect can be achieved by laying the bricks vertically or using bond patterns that display vertical joints.

Curved Structures

The creation of curved structures, such as arches and circular walls, is made possible with the extended length and slender form of the Milan series of long bricks. Achieving smooth curvature and flowing, organic form has never been easier.

Recessed or Projecting Elements

The elongated length of the long brick makes it an ideal candidate for projects that feature recessed or protruding elements in their facade. The Milan series lends itself well to the creation of intricate lattice and screen patterns for both visual appeal and functionality in the form of privacy and shading.

Harmonising with Nature

Green walls and terraced landscaping projects can also benefit from the utility and versatile applications of our Milan Roman bricks. With their slim profile and natural shades, the Milan series can be used to blend with and complement the surrounding landscape, promoting ecologically-conscious spaces that synthesise human needs with those of the environment.

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Exceptional Versatility
and Material Integration

Littlehampton Long Bricks have been carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of construction materials, including glass, steel, timber, and natural stone, to craft designs that are visually arresting, harmonious, and balanced. Whether the star of the show or a supporting actor, long bricks can serve as the backbone of functional and lasting projects.

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More than a Revival

Once a popular building material, long bricks saw a rapid decline in production once standardised bricks became the norm. Yet with rising interest in bespoke, artisanal craftsmanship and innovative architectural projects, the long brick has seen an unprecedented resurgence in Australia and beyond. Seeing exceptional popularity amongst architects seeking to imbue their works with distinct character and contemporary flair, the long brick is a symbol of more than just a revival, it is a testament to the evolution and adaptability of the construction sector and brickmakers alike.

Explore new dimensions of design.