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Glazed Bricks Australia

Glazed Bricks! Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers are very pleased to announce our new range of hand-crafted Glazed Bricks, all made right here in Australia at our Littlehampton brick factory. For some time we have been working on a range of glazed bricks that offer not only a unique texture and finish, but also incorporate a…

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Siena And Coachhouse Venice 50mm Brick

Thin Bricks Australia – 50mm ‘Venice’ Bricks Range

Thin Bricks Australia – ‘Venice’ 50mm Slim Profile Bricks Series Bricks come in various sizes and formats. For many years here in Australia the standard brick face size has been 230mm Long and 76mm High. This trend continues to this day and beyond. But just because something is the ‘standard’ doesn’t mean we can’t step…

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New Maclaren Brick Gallery Image

Maclaren – Recycled Brick Style Range Available Now!

Love the recycled brick look? Then look no further! Introducing our newest brick: Maclaren Maclaren Brick is part of the Littlehampton Sincero Design Series of bricks. This addition to the range give the discerning homeowner, architect, builder or designer another option if they would like a recycled brick look without all the hassle and issues…

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The Most Beautiful Brick

Australia’s Most Beautiful Clay Brick

Old Red Brick, MacLaren Brick, Blush Brick, Midnight Brick and now: The most Beautiful Brick in Australia. Coming soon! Littlehampton Bricks have been working for over 120 years to bring you the best clay bricks and pavers in Australia. Our current range covers from the classic old bricks to the modern ones, as the Black…

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How Many Bricks Are There Per Square Metre

How Many Bricks Are There Per Square Metre?

With more and more people doing their own home renovations and DIY projects they may not be used to calculating some of the measurements for jobs or the quantities of products needed. Fortunately for most clay bricks the calculations are quite simple to make as there are not many different standard sizes. It is always…

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Melbourne Architecture

The Architecture of Melbourne

The Architecture of Melbourne     Australia’s architecture, in general, has always followed Western World trends. Initially influenced by the British and later by the North Americans.   In Melbourne, the story was no different. In the 21st century, the city still mixes old and new, European and North American.   With some of the…

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Fireplace Regulations

Fireplace regulations in Australia

Fireplace regulations in Australia Those who wish to have an open flame fireplace in their home or business should not only consider the benefits and design of the appliance but also the fireplace regulations in your state and territory. Australia has strict rules for the use of a wood heater to keep your family, as…

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Face Brick, Inside Brick, Common Brick and Veneer Brick

Face Brick, Inside Brick, Common Brick and Veneer Brick: What is the difference between them?   Face bricks VS Commons Bricks When we’re talking about a masonry project with the need for support, we are generally talking about Face Brick or Common Brick – Not Veneer Brick. (Insides, render bricks and Commons Bricks in Australia…

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Virtual Tradeshow 1 Blog Thumbnail

Virtual Tradeshow #1 -BRICKS – Sincero Design Series

THE FIRST LITTLEHAMPTON BRICK VIRTUAL TRADESHOW! Welcome to Littlehampton Brick Co’s first Virtual Tradeshow! In this virtual trade-show we’re having a look at 6 different clay bricks from the Sincero Design Series. In order of appearance we cover: Midnight Blush Light Cabernet Light Earth Siena Coachhouse So make yourself a cup of tea, turn on…

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New Slim Clay Paver Range Stardust Series Littlehampton Brick Australia Gallery Img

NEW Clay Pavers Range: STARDUST – Thin Profile 76mm Pavers

THEY’RE HERE! ‘STARDUST PAVERS’ Australia’s Premium Boutique Clay Pavers are now available in an Architecturally Inspired 76mm Profile! The STARDUST SERIES pavers measure 230mm long, 76mm wide and 50mm thick. The perfect size for any modern architectural styles as well as more traditional projects which may have used clay brick as pavers laid on edge. For example…

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