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Carbon Offset: How it Works and What It Means for the Brick Industry

‘Carbon offsetting’ is a popular buzzword circulating within eco-conscious circles. However, few people know precisely what carbon offsetting is, or its impact on construction industries. In this blog post, we’ll explain how carbon offsetting functions within an Australian context and its implications for brick manufacturers. If you’re curious about why you might want to support…

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Littlehampton Virtual Tradeshow 4 screen

Virtual Tradeshow 4

Virtual Tradeshow 4 – Impresso, New Ash & Tuscany Bricks   WATCH NOW   In this short informative video we have a look at 3 unique bricks from our famous ‘Sincero Design Series’ range of hand-crafted bricks. The featured bricks are Impresso, New Ash and Tuscany.   Products featured in this tradeshow: Impresso Impresso -…

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ThinkBrick Podcast Interview – Boutique Brickmaking

ThinkBrick sits down with Littlehampton Brick to talk about Boutique Australian Brickmaking ThinkBrick is the Australian Industry Association for Clay Bricks and Tiles manufacturers and has a podcast series: Brick Architecture and Engineering In this episode, host Elizabeth McIntyre (CEO,ThinkBrick) sits down to interview Wayne Hunter and Mark Fiora (Business Development Manager and Director of…

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The Benefits of Building with Handcrafted Clay Bricks

Fired clay is among the most versatile and robust building materials available today – and one of the oldest. For centuries, clay building products have been used across the building envelope in the form of bricks, blocks, roof tiles and pavers. Clay bricks and tiles are deeply rooted in Australia’s cultural history and architectural identity,…

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Victor Harbor Main Street Project Pavers Australia

Project Showcase: Victor Harbor Main Street Redevelopment [VIDEO]

PROJECT SHOWCASE Project Name: Victor Harbor Main Street Redevelopment Build Date: 2016 – Present Landscape Architect: Wax Design Client: Victor Harbor Council VICTOR HARBOR is officially now one of Australia’s most beautiful main streets! The Victor Harbor Main Street redevelopment project has been underway in some capacity for around a decade. Now as the 3rd stage nears completion and…

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Virtual Tradeshow Video #3 – Glazed Brick Series

VIRTUAL TRADESHOW: Glazed Brick Range Welcome to our video for our new range of Glazed Bricks In this virtual trade-show we’re having a look at 5 different bricks as well as one signature blend. In order of appearance we cover: Aquarius (Blend) Maris Percy Laguna Caspian Lava We hope you enjoy this short informative presentation…

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Glazed Bricks Australia Article Img

Glazed Bricks Australia

Glazed Bricks! Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers are very pleased to announce our new range of hand-crafted Glazed Bricks, all made right here in Australia at our Littlehampton brick factory. For some time we have been working on a range of glazed bricks that offer not only a unique texture and finish, but also incorporate a…

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