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Why Councils all around Australia love Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers

Littlehampton has been manufacturing clay bricks and pavers in the same boutique factory here in Australia for over 120 years and still remains a 100% Australian owned family Business Making 100% Australian Made Products

Pavers Made to Last Several Lifetimes – Littlehampton Pavers are crafted from the absolute highest quality locally sourced natural clays and other minerals then fired in a traditional batch kiln – which ensures a much more durable and long-lasting end product. Littlehampton Clay Pavers never erode, break down, fade or deteriorate like other products might… clay pavers are forever!

Bespoke design, traditional quality and a unique look

Littlehampton works closely with Landscape Architects, Designers and Councils for the product design process to produce a range of stunning, unique and versatile clay pavers that can be used in a wide range of projects.

From hand-tumbled cobblestone pavers to slim clay pavers and traditional pavers, there is a wide range of colours, finishes and sizes to add serious wow-factor to any project.

Bricks and Pavers Fired in Our Traditional Small-Batch Kiln create the unique Character, Texture and Quality that Littlehampton is renowned for around Australia -and the World! We also hand-sort every single brick to further ensure the strictest, industry-leading ‘Littlehampton quality standards’. If it’s not A+, it’s not Littlehampton!

There are no shortcuts when quality is the goal! We invest in our methods, our people, our research and our development to create a truly unique range of clay bricks and pavers. Using various traditional and in-house designed methods and machinery, we can achieve an alluring, character-rich look and feel which cannot be replicated or imitated.

Smoke Cannon Summer Stardust Pavers Trinity Church Goodwood Sa Rs 3



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    We Make Beautiful Products Littlehampton’s elegance, rich colour blends and unique designs are characteristics acknowledged by discerning architects.

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    Tested for all Council Project uses All Littlehampton pavers are independantly tested for strength (breaking load), slip resistance and water absorption. They pass all tests with flying colours and are rated for use in commercial, council areas, schools, footpaths, roads and more!
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    We Take Pride in Everything We Do As a very Proud Australian Manufacturer we take enormous pride in everything we do. Whether it’s Designing Beautiful Quality Products or Helping Customers with selections or Deliveries.

    And we are here to help you!



SMARTPAVE – A Permeable Paving Solution By Littlehampton Brick

Permeable paving reduces water run-off in high rainfall periods and also filters pollutants from the water. In drier months, larger trees can be in danger of drought-like conditions. The use of permeable pavers allows the surface water to be contained and penetrate to the roots of these trees.

Meeting Eco Requirements + many more benefits

The benefits of permeable paving goes beyond meeting regulations like creating low-maintenance floor areas, cost-effective erosion control, and eliminating the problem of tree roots lifting and cracking concrete pathways.

Mahogany Smartpave Permeable Pavers Walkerville Council Park Australia


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Q. Do you provide product samples?

A. Yes we do! Just let us know which products you are interested in and we will send you samples ASAP!

Q. Do You Provide Free Quotes?

A. Yes we are happy to quote you the prices for any of our products, just get in contact.

Q. Can you quote on a delivered-to-site price for pavers

A. Absolutely! Just let us know which products you want and the quantities and we can give you a delivered to site quote.

Q. Do you have a Price List?

A. Sure do! Just email to and we will send your our price lists and brochures. Alternatively you can contact us here.

Q. Can I see some of your products in a project?

A. Sure! Contact Us and we can let you know some projects in your area.

Q. Where are your Bricks and Pavers made?

A. Littlehampton Bricks and Pavers is a 100% Australian family owned business and all products are made right here in Australia from locally sourced materials.

Q. What are Littlehampton Bricks made of?

A. Bricks are composed from a varying combination of; Natural Clay, Shale, Sand, Water. The colour of the brick depends on the clay mix used, firing temperatures, kiln setting and additives. You can also view our short film about how bricks are made here.

Q. Do clay pavers disintegrate or break down over time?

A. No. Our natural Clay Pavers don’t disintegrate or fade over time. Many examples of our early bricks made over 100 years ago are still in constant use today!