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Our pavers create a path to iconic design in Melbourne

Premium pavers by Littlehampton Bricks will beautifully finish your landscaping project in Melbourne or Victoria. Our beautiful pavers are manufactured in Australia and are ready for delivery when you need them.

Littlehampton is a 100% Australian owned manufacturer of bricks and pavers and has delivered high-quality products for over 120 years. We use traditional batch kiln firing to achieve remarkable results for your paving project. Our hand-crafted production methods create unique clay pavers with distinctive style and incredible durability, suitable for restorations, additions and modern landscaping applications.

We work closely with landscape architects, designers and builders to produce bricks and pavers with durable, design-conscious impact. Our award winning pavers also feature in high visibility world-leading projects like Taronga Park Zoo and Disneyland.

Littlehampton Bricks is renowned for the highest quality standards. We manufacture all our pavers in Australia using locally sourced materials to create vibrant colours and unique textures on products designed to last forever. Use our bespoke pavers to achieve distinctive features in your landscaping project or complete your desired sense of place.

A World Class Paver Manufacturer

Our quality is unmatched thanks to over 120 years of experience with hand-crafted production and traditional kiln firing methods. Our bricks and pavers are world-renowned for their colour and texture, which provide character to complete architectural projects and landscape design.

We continue to innovate in creating new colours, textures and designs, with many world leading projects featuring our products. Our range of pavers uses locally sourced materials to create bespoke designs suitable to meet small and large landscaping challenges.

Our reputation for hand crafted pavers is unmatched and we manufacture products unique to the traditional small-batch kiln firing method. We are committed to innovation and create an extensive range of clay pavers expressing unique, bespoke character. We hand sort every paver on to hard wooden pallets to ensure the unique colour, texture and quality that your project demands.

Melbourne architects, designers and builders trust Littlehampton to deliver bespoke products that provide premium results.

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    We Make Beautiful Pavers Littlehampton’s unique, elegance, rich colour blends and subtle face textures are characteristics acknowledged by discerning architects.

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    We are Customer Focused Littlehampton have a great Team of Customer Focused people with over 180 years of combine experience, we are happy to give you Honest, Friendly Advice and Great Service
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    We Take Pride in Everything We Do As a very Proud Australian Manufacturer we take enormous pride in everything we do. Whether it’s Designing Beautiful Quality Products or Helping Customers with selections or Deliveries.

    We take Pride! And we are here to help you



Architects, builders and homeowners with an appreciation for design prefer the character and quality delivered by Littlehampton’s premium range of clay pavers.

We are proud of our commitment to Design and Quality and continue to work with world leading architects and building designers to innovate our range of bespoke pavers. We craft unique colours and textures that can only be achieved with hand crafted production methods and kiln fired clay.

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Q. Do you provide paver samples?

A. Yes we do! Just let us know which products you are interested in and we will send you samples ASAP!

Q. Do You Provide Free Quotes?

A. Yes we are happy to quote you the prices for any of our products, just get in contact.

Q. Can you quote on a delivered-to-site price for Pavers to Melbourne?

A. Absolutely! Just let us know which products you want and the quantities and we can give you a delivered to site quote.

Q. Do you have a Price List?

A. Sure do! Just email to and we will send your our price lists and brochures. Alternatively you can contact us here.

Q. Are your pavers exposure grade?

A. Yes, all Littlehampton Pavers are of the highest quality and perfect to withstand any of the elements for many generations to come

Q. Can I see some of your products in a project?

A. Sure! Contact Us and we can let you know some projects in your area.

Q. Where are your Pavers made?

A. Littlehampton Pavers is a 100% Australian family owned business and all products are made right here in Australia from locally sourced materials.

Q. What are Littlehampton Pavers made of?

A. Pavers are composed from a varying combination of; Natural Clay, Shale, Sand, Water. The colour of the paver depends on the clay mix used, firing temperatures, kiln setting and additives. You can also view our short film about how pavers are made here.

Q. What colours of pavers are available?

A. Our clay pavers are made in a variety of colours from a very light fire brick, to a much paver pavers and many colours in between. more information and links to our brick range galleries!

Q. What sizes are Littlehampton Pavers made in?


Surface: The surface area of Littlehampton Traditional Clay Pavers are 230mm (long) X 114mm (wide)
Depth: Our pavers are made in either a 50mm or 70mm thickness (other than cobblestones.)
Cobblestones: Cobblestone pavers are all 62mm thick with a hand-tumbled finish

Q. Do clay pavers disintegrate or break down over time?

A. No. Our natural Clay Pavers don’t disintegrate or fade over time. Many examples of our early bricks made over 100 years ago are still in constant use today!


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