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Adelaide Pavers – Clay Pavers gallery
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Ash Pavers – Ash is a stunning, stylish and contemporary tawny grey coloured paver. It has the modern grey look, without the concrete!

Hills Gold Pavers – The luscious, natural colours of Hills Gold Pavers blend perfectly in numerous situations, creating a deep golden glow.

Mahogany Pavers Gallery – These pavers are a sophisticated paving solution and can be seen all around Adelaide.

Walkerville Council Pavers Gallery – The Walkerville Council in Adelaide used our pavers to create a charming footpath and entrance.

Mahogany Cobblestone Pavers Gallery – This paver is a favourite for an Adelaide country garden effect and looks stunning when bordered with Old Red Cobblestone pavers.

Old Red Pavers Gallery – A timeless, classic paver that adds warmth and makes the green of lawns and gardens really “pop”. You can see our old red all over Adelaide.

Old Red Cobblestone Pavers Gallery – Seen all around Adelaide,  Old Red Cobblestone Pavers make an inviting paved area, perfect for play and entertaining, and also suitable for driveways.

Tuscan Pavers Gallery – Our Tuscan Paver offers a bright, clean, modern look while maintaining the charm that only clay pavers can offer.  It looks cool in the long, hot Adelaide summers and warm in winter.

Permeable Paving System – The ecological choice for sensitive areas and water retention and management

Laying a paved area at home is a job that can be done by most home owners with a few tools and some patience.
We offer tips for laying your pavers HERE
For patterns to inspire your imagination, please look HERE
Another pavers  gallery, including before and after photos, is HERE

Advantages of Clay Pavers


For driveways and other heavy load areas, nothing beats clay pavers for strength and durability..
Similarly, for pathways, patios and other foot traffic areas, clay pavers are ideal.


Clay pavers are uniform in appearance and maintain their colour even after long-term exposure to the sun’s UV radiation.
A single paver can be easily be replaced if broken and it won’t “stand out like a sore thumb”. Within a short time will blend in perfectly with surrounding pavers.
You will never be faced with the cost of replacing all of your paving just because of damage to a single paver.

Slip Resistance

Clay pavers, even used on  a steep, wet driveway or pathway, will provide the traction you need to drive or walk in complete confidence.

Easy Maintenance

Clay pavers are hard-wearing and easy to maintain.
Usually, all it takes is a mild detergent and a little scrubbing to clean even heavily soiled clay pavers. In most cases they can just be hosed down or swept clean.

Environmentally Friendly

Clay pavers are a kiln-dried product made from a readily available, naturally occurring substance. No environmentally damaging chemicals are used in their production.

As well as these practical reasons for buying clay pavers, there are aesthetic reasons for choosing clay.
Their natural look enhances the appearance of any home or landscape and the colour palette you have to work from give you enormous room for creativity and individual flare.

Clay pavers are the time-tested, obvious choice. They never go out of style and you will never tire of their warm, natural beauty.

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