The OLD RED BRICK EXPERTS for over 120 years!

With our Old Red Bricks – There is no need to compromise when renovating early architecture.

Old Red Brick Experts Littlehampton Handcrafted And Australian Made

Hand-crafted by master brickmakers using traditional methods

Old Red Bricks are found in buildings and walls all over Australia.

If you are intending to renovate early architecture or wish to capture the look of classic Old Red Brick in a new construction, you will find the bricks you need at Littlehampton Clay Bricks and Pavers.

Our Old Red Bricks are available in a range of gauges including traditional 76mm, 70mm and 62mm sizes, with an extensive range of special profile shapes to match or enhance any project.

If you are planning to extend or renovate, we will help you to match existing bricks.

“Whenever we have an iconic heritage project where every little detail has to be perfect, our first call is always to Littlehampton.

They really are the best!”

When Heritage Really Matters – Trust the Experts

Australia’s Heritage Brick Specialists for over 120 years!

Littlehampton Brick have been producing handcrafted Old Red Bricks here in Australia since 1892.

Trusted by discerning Heritage Architects and used for iconic projects all around Australia including Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney, The Adelaide Natural History Museum and many more.

When only the ‘real deal’, locally-made timeless red brick will suffice – you know who to call!

Authentic and unique – Our traditional brick manufacturing methods ensure not only the highest quality standards but also resonate a life and vibrancy you just can’t fake with other options.

Adelaide Museum Custom Shaped Bricks Littlehampton
Ornate Heritage Style Brick Wall With Special Shapes

Special Old Red Profiles and Shapes

We produce a variety of speciality shapes and bricks for historical builds, restorations and extensions.


Profile Shape Bricks Range

We make our Old Red Bricks in 3 Heritage Matching Size Profiles

76mm, 70mm, 62mm

Old Red Sandstock Brick

Red Sandstock Brick

Rich red Sandstock texture, heritage brick (62mm, 70mm, or 76mm)

RRP $$2,330 per 1000

Adelaide Red Brick

Original Adelaide Red Brick

This is a smooth, rich red classic brick (76mm)

RRP $2,200 per 1000


Why Use Old Red Bricks made by Littlehampton?

  • Over 120 years of experience – Littlehampton Brick has been producing the finest quality bricks and pavers at the same site in Australia since 1892.


  • Traditional Production Methods – Littlehampton makes Old Red Bricks using a range of traditional production methods which ensure the highest level of quality.


  • Local, Natural Materials – Our Old Red Bricks are made with 100% local clays and minerals of the absolute finest quality available.




  • Delivered on Hardwood pallets – We deliver all products on custom made hard-wood pallets so they travel better to the project and do not sit in dirt or mud on site.


  • Perfectly match the colour to your job – If you are renovating or extending, our team can inspect the property and provide bricks which match the exact colour of red as closely as possible. This helps create a seamless transition from the existing bricks to the new.



  • Capacity to make custom shapes for special projects – Littlehampton is capable of creating custom shapes to work on special heritage restoration projects of iconic buildings. For example the extension to the famous Adelaide Museum.


  • Approved by the experts and preferred for Heritage Listed Buildings – Littlehampton has been proud to work with discerning specialist heritage architects and builders on iconic projects for buildings where everything must be absolutely perfect.
Glynburn Rd Old Red Brick Wall

Interesting Australian Old Red Brick History

The South Australian Department of the Environment and Natural Resources has produced an interesting brochure about Adelaide’s love affair with the classic Old Red Brick.

It includes information about early brick work in South Australia, early methods of brick making, characteristics of early bricks and information about conservation of early brick work.

Pictured Left: Littlehampton Old Red 70mm Sandstock Bricks with Single Cant Edgings and Corner Cant bricks