How thinking outside-the-box creates WOW-factor!

thinking outside the box

We are very fortunate in our business because we get to work with such a large and diverse variety of individuals and businesses. From large constructions companies, to not-for-profit organisations, councils and of course many individual homeowners and small businesses.

With such a wide variety of clientele we often see some amazing feats of engineering and creativity which is great to see. Every now and then however, someone does something truly innovative and we have to take a step back and say “wow!”

Down at the new Flinders University Campus in Tonsley they have done exactly that!

James Hayter of Oxigen Architects spoke with us last year shortly after we announced our contract with Disneyland Shanghai. They were looking for a very specifically sized paver for the project, in particular a much thinner paver. Due to manufacturing costs it was looking to be very difficult to produce the exact size they were looking for, but as they say “where there’s a will there’s a way”. It’s this CAN-DO attitude which led Wayne Hunter, Littlehampton Brick Co Sales Manager to persevere and suggest an alternative…

Sometimes people will choose to lay their pavers on-edge instead of the standard method of flat. This method is becoming more and more popular. For this particular project they had a cement base to work with so they were able to cut pavers in half length-ways and then lay them on edge as seen in the diagrams below:

 pavers with cut linespavers with cuts laid on edgeThe benefit of cutting in half means that it is possible to get the effect of laying  on-edge and also use 2 edges of the paver instead of one, therefore doubling the area which can be covered per brick.

Once it was decided that this would be an acceptable method for laying the pavers then it was time for them to get creative with the patterns! We were very impressed with the results which they were able to produce:

intricate paving patttern

black and white paving

black and white pavers

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