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Brick matching can make or break a good job.

Brick Matching With Client

If you are planning to extend or renovate and wish to match existing bricks for an extension, renovation or repair job, we can help!

We have many years of brick matching experience and offer personal service. We are happy to come to your site and we should be able to provide a brick to match your project

Our on-site matching service is absolutely FREE! Just give us a call and we will visit you on-site and match samples for you to make sure you get the exact right bricks or pavers.

Or, if you prefer, you can come to us.  When brick matching, it is best to bring a sample of the brick you are trying to match to us at Littlehampton, if this is not possible you can email us a photograph of your brickwork to:

Give us a call on 1300 911 855