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Making Bricks and Pavers

This Video will take you on a short journey through the manufacturing process of our bricks and pavers

From piles of dry clay, through the mixing process, the extrusion process, cutting, trimming, and through to firing.

To produce a clay, bricks Natural raw Clay and Shales are first crushed and ground. Then the ingredients are formed using the extrusion method. The pulverized ingredients are mixed together with water, passed into a de-airing chamber (which removes the air to prevent cracking), compacted, and extruded out of a die of the desired shape.

A wide variety of coating materials and methods are used to produce brick of a certain colour or surface texture such as sand of a glaze.

Once the bricks are formed they are dried to remove excess moisture that might otherwise cause cracking during the ensuing firing process.

Next, bricks are loaded onto carts and moved into large furnaces called kilns.
The bricks are fired in a high temperature Kilns usually over 1000C.

Firing molten hardens and strengthens the brick. Then they are cooled.

Finally, they are hand graded, stacked, and wrapped on pallets.